Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Another Fashion Competition Show: Fashion Star

photo via Hollywood Life

by Sofia Di Leva

Fashion Star is the new NBC competion show that recently premiered to stellar reviews.  However, my first thought was, 'do we really need another fashion TV competition?'  I have to admit that after giving it a shot ... it was not bad.  The first thing that pleasantly surprised me were the three bold faced named mentors, each posessing key roles in the industry; Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos.  These personalities are not only loved by the masses, but when they talk fashion, they certainly know what they are talking about. 

The peculiarity of this talent show is that the competitors show their creations to three major buyers, Caprice Willard of Macy's, Terron E. Schafer of Saks Fifth Avenue and Nicole Christie of H&M.  After each runway presentation, the buyers have the opportunity to make an offer to buy the collection or they can flash the devastating "No Offer" sign.  What I think is the best characteristic of this show is that the designs with winning bids are made available for retail the next day in that store(s).  (*Granted, that realistically this show was filmed with a four months lead time, so aspiring designers you know that the retail production factor of this is based for TV)  "See it today, wear it tomorrow" is the Fashion Star's motto.  I am glad that the idea of the show is fun and offers a different twist in designer competitions. 

Fashion Star airs on NBC on Tuesday nights 10/9 c.

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